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An Unplugged Wedding

One for all the lovers is a little segment that covers everything from wedding day tips, tricks, ideas & inspiration. Grab a cup of tea, put your feet up & enjoy!

The 28th of February last year was a pretty big deal for me. I had spent months planning, antagonizing, stressing, gluing, crafting, shopping, sewing, booking, searching, looking, making, baking, testing, trialing & consuming copious amounts of wine to get through it all. Yep that's right, I planned my own wedding.

It was such an eye opener actually organizing my own nuptials after photographing the days of so many other couples. I found a new respect for every bride, groom, mum, dad, sister, aunt & friend who has ever had to be involved in planning one. I did find myself in a lucky position though as being in the wedding industry & experiencing so many weddings it made it easier to decide on some aspects (& a whole lot harder on some others!).

One of the most important decisions we made about our wedding day was to ask people not to take photos. *Que scratched record sound*

Yes you heard that right. The photographer asked for people not to photograph her wedding.

No the wedding planning didn't make me crazy (Okay well maybe a little). We had the most amazing photographer (Shout out to Jimmy Teo, you can check out his work here) who took all the photographs of all those special moments & rad videographer who recorded all of them too. We simply asked for our guests to be present during those moments & appreciate them for what they where, instead of watching them through a camera or distracted by their phones. I think it was one of the best decisions about the whole wedding day that we made (aside from marrying *him* of course!)

From my own personal experience in capturing weddings for all of my gorgeous couples, I decided that I didn't want that added distraction on our guests & I wanted the first photographs of the wedding that people saw to be those captured by our photographer. (You can see some examples of other peoples experiences here & here). This emerging trend is whats known as an "Unplugged Wedding". We had a sign when people arrived to our venue & our pastor gently reminded our guests at the start of our ceremony of our wishes & everyone respected them. The feed back from all those at our ceremony was amazing. All of them said how beautiful our ceremony was & quite a few mentioned it was the nicest ceremony they have ever witnessed. I honestly believe that it was because we requested that they actually be present & witness the ceremony with their own eyes & hearts & not through a screen.

I know in this technological age that this isn't for everyone but it is really refreshing to witness a wedding through sight & emotion as its happening, rather than through a phone screen.

If you want any more information on an unplugged wedding or have your own ideas on it I'd love to hear from you!

*If an unplugged wedding sounds like your thing, HERE is a little gift just you can print out to include in your invites or hand out at your ceremony.

C x.

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