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Katrina & Kris {Married}

Just thinking back to Katrina & Kris wedding makes by heart burst with joy, tears well in my eyes & yet want to dance on the tables all at once. Yep, it was THAT kind of wedding. Trying to put into words the day that was this wedding is a really big struggle. How in one simple paragraph could I describe the moment that the two of them had together before it all began? Or the emotion in one of the most heartfelt ceremonies I have ever witnessed? What about the fun antics of the bridal portraits? Or all the effort that went into hand making shortbread & strawberry jam favors to the parting that went on LONG into the night? I don’t think any amount of words could ever describe it, so I don’t think I will try. Instead ill let you look through their photographs & you can see it all for yourself.


Love cannot be found where it does not exist,
Nor can it be hidden where it truly does.


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