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A Photo I Didn't Take.

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I feel like this story is an important one to share as it touched me in so many different ways that I don' t think I can actually explain. It’s about a photo I didn’t take.

During the wedding planning process I try to learn as much as I can about each couple. How they met, where they had their first kiss, the engagement story & all about their wedding. I try & befriend them so that on their wedding day I can get the best possible photographs to tell their story. In the process it also involves chatting with guest, hanging around a little longer after I’ve taken their portraits to ask them a few questions to find out more about them & their influence on the couple.

Casey & Matt's wedding was a small intimate destination wedding. Not only are they a beautiful couple but their guest & bridal party were one of the loveliest I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. Doing my usual rounds of taking shots &  mingling with the guest along the way I got talking with Casey’s Grandad. He had an interest in photography & was asking me about my gear. He went on to tell me that his wife used to colour black & white film images (& being a bit of a film nut, we then got a little bit geeky about the whole process).

Later on he came back to find me with this photo, it was from his wedding day. When they got married, their wedding was shot exclusively in black & white film & his wife had gone to the trouble of colouring some of the images. Casey didn’t know this when planning her wedding, but her bridesmaids were wearing dresses almost identical to that of her grandparents wedding some 50 years earlier.

I don’t know what it is exactly but something about this really stuck with me. Whether it be the fact that he was carrying his wedding photos with him, the way he spoke about his wife or the possibility of seeing 50 years into the future at where Casey & Matt might be, still as in love as her grandparent.

I don’t think I could ever do the whole wedding photography thing with out continuing to keep searching for something more. The hidden stories.

C x.