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One For All The Lovers: Five Wedding Shoes for Summer

One for all the lovers is a little segment that covers everything from wedding day tips, tricks, ideas, inspiration to personal musings. Grab a cup of tea, put your feet up & enjoy!

If you've ever met me or even been on my instagram for more than 30 seconds, then you will know I have a deep love (read: obsession) for a pretty pair of heels. Choosing your wedding dress can be a tough decision but if you don't pick a good pair of shoes for the day, your whole look can come unstuck. So for your viewing pleasure (& to put my online shopping addiction towards something useful) I have put together my top 5 picks for your shoes this summer season.

The Classic Heel

When I think of bridal shoes immediately what pops to mind are white satin sandals. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all there are soo many other beautiful options out there while still having a classic feel. These beautiful blush babes are the perfect balance between the classic bridal heel with a bit more of a fashionista twist. You can get your hands on these beauties here (Modcloth, $129.90).

Something Blue

I have two words for you: Kate Spade. This chick is the queen of the glamorous wedding shoe. Although these creations come in a selection of colours, I think these blue ones are the perfect way to incorporate your 'something blue' into your wedding day look. If you like a little sparkle in your life, do yourself a favour & go check them out as well as her other master pieces (Kate Spade, $328.00).

Beach Chic

As much as I love a good heel I know that if you are getting hitched by the sea, it's just not practical. While your trusty havaianas might be your go to gal for a normal trip to the beach, on your wedding day, you probably want to go for something a little more formal. I think these sandals would be a perfect match to take you from the beach to the reception in style. (Wittner $129.99)

Ballet Flats

I get that some people just don't wear heels, whether it be for personal reasons, lack of coordination or just simply not there style. If your wedding day is going to be a long one too or involves a lot of travel, maybe heels just aren't going to be a practical option. These beautiful open toe ballet flats are the perfect high heel glamour minus the squished toes & sore feet afterwards & wont break your wedding budget either. (Forever New, $69.99)

Party Perfect

If you are planning on partying it up on your wedding day but are torn between comfort & style these heeled sandals are your friend. A little bit of party & a little bit of practical these chunky heeled sandals will still give you the height & look of a heel without the need to take a break from the dance floor. (ASOS, $49.99)

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