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Destination Weddings

One for all the lovers is a little segment that covers everything from wedding day tips, tricks, ideas & inspiration. Grab a cup of tea, put your feet up & enjoy!

In recent years the trend of destination weddings has boomed… & I love it! Why wouldn’t you want to make your wedding day that much more special by turning it into a holiday surrounded by your loved ones? Destination weddings are my favorite kind of weddings but if you're not to sure about where to start, here are some tips to get you started:


No matter who you are or what you are into, there is sure to be a destination that can fit your style. Whether your heart lies at the beach, you’re a desert nomad at heart or you can’t think of no better back drop than the hustle & bustle of NYC, anything goes! Just because you wish to have a destination wedding, doesn't mean you have to make it an elopement! Consider your guest list size when making  your wedding plans. Finding out all 60 people you invited are eager to come along when you’ve only anticipated a villa enough for 6 can put a damper on your plans. Make sure you have an alternate venue in mind or keep the guest list to a manageable amount.


When it comes to planning your destination, book early! Most hotels & resorts will allow couples to book blocks of accommodation (often at great prices) if booked well enough in advance. Consider also that you & your guest may need to organize passports, visa & time off of their normal lives, so you want everyone to have plenty of notice. Save the date cards are a great idea if you want to give people enough time to plan if you don’t have all the final details mapped out.


Destination weddings give you a great chance to combine your wedding & honeymoon in one! If you have always dreamed of going to the Maldives, planning your wedding & honeymoon at the same destination will allow you to really enjoy the scenery. You will be more relaxed too as you won’t have to wake up early the morning after & make a mad dash to the airport as you will already be there!


One important thing you will have to take into consideration when planning a destination wedding is the marriage laws of where you are planning your nuptials. Marrying abroad is not always straight forward so it is important to check the laws of the country you wish to marry in before booking your wedding. For example: In many European countries you have to have been residence there for a period of time before you can legally marry. If you have your heart set on a location but getting married there is not feasible, consider doing the legal part back home before your big day.


Think about your location when planning your wedding attire. You might dream of getting married in a princess gown with a cathedral length veil but if your wedding is on the beaches of Noosa Dua, you might be better in something a little lighter (not to mention transporting of the dress on the plane!)


Like most weddings, destination weddings aren’t void of potential wedding day misshaps! Avoid any drama by researching your location well. Best advice is to arrive at your location a few days in advance to make sure all your planning is under control. Above all, don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead go with the flow because at the end of the day, you are marrying your best friend & nothing beats that!


Above everything else remember that this is a once in a life time experience so enjoy it! Take some time just you & your beloved to let it all sink in & enjoy every moment of it!

Planning a destination wedding? I'd love to hear from you!

C x.

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