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So you've booked a photographer for you wedding, fab! But now they're talking about this thing called an 'engagement shoot' & you're all like, whats the deal with that? We're having photo's taken on our wedding day so why would we need to have any more taken?

On your wedding day you want it to be as fun, relaxed & enjoyable as possible, this is where your engagement shoot actually comes into play. Unless you're like Kim Kardashian (The queen of selfies & three notches on the marriage belt) you're probably not used to being in front of a camera & that is completely fine! Most couples aren't professional models & that's why you hire a professional photographer so you don't have to know what you're doing.

Having an engagement session actually ends up helping you on your wedding day as you have already been through the process of having your photograph taken before. You've spent time with your photographer, made some awkward jokes & broken the ice so that on your wedding day, its a friend who is coming to take photos of you, not a stranger behind a lens.

Stacey & Nathan 118.jpg

For a lot of couples, your wedding photographs are the first professional photos you would have had taken together so its also nice to have photos not on your wedding day, focusing on just the two of you. They also can be used for thank you cards, invited or save the date cards. Bonus!

Every couple who books a wedding with me receives an engagement session as part of their package as I believe it is an important part the wedding planning experience.

So if you're trying to decide if its worth it, go for it! (Its also a great excuse to have more photos to hang up of the two of your around the home with out being silently judged by your friends for having 68 wedding photos hanging in your hallway)

C x.