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What Should We Wear For Our Photo Session | Perth Lifestyle Photographer


One of the most common questions I get asked is “what do we wear for our portrait session?” So if you are feeling at a loss of where to start- I have put together my top 5 tips for what to wear for your portrait session to help you plan the perfect outfit to help show case the your real you.

Choose clothes that reflect your personality & that you feel comfortable in
Number one biggest tip I always recommend is to wear clothes you are comfortable in. You might feel the urge to choose an outfit that is on trend or that you have seen in other photos you like, but I say skip it if it’s not true to who you are. Your photos are about who you are & where you are at this stage of your life, so choose an outfit you love, that reflects you as a person,  that you’re comfortable in, & you will win every time.

Complement each other.. this doesn’t mean you have to ‘match’
Think about what level you want to be on with your outfit, & make sure you are both there- there is something that just doesn’t look right with one person in t-shirt & jeans while the other is rocking a ball gown. On the other scale, this doesn’t mean you both have to wear black pants & white shirts. A nice balance in between is the key.  You can see a mood board here of inspirational ideas.

Bold is good & layers are better
Bold colours & small prints always look great in photos (but avoid large logos & graphics). Layering up your outfit adds great dimension to your look, as well as giving room to dress down & change up your outfit. It also means that items like jackets, scarves, necklaces & hats can also be utilised as props.

Keep the season in mind & location of your shoot
Consider the weather & location of your session when planning your outfit. Will the weather be cool or warm? Indoors or outside? Beach, city or national park? Thinking about these things will help you to decided what level to dress for your shoot & whether you need to rug up or cool down.

More options, the merrier.
Bringing multiple outfits to your session is a great way to mix up your look. Whether you want to bring one casual & one formal outfit,  one themed & one every day- the choice is up to you! This is a simple way to add variety to your images & make the most of your session- or if your partner is insisting that their favourite teams football jersey should make an appearance.

C x.