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Year One

(Photograph byJimmy Teo)

I have always been a romantic at heart. I remember the first time I ever watched the movie The Moulin Rouge & even though I was probably too young there was something in it that just stuck with me.

“The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love, & be loved in return”

I have read countless love stories, watched more hallmark movie’s than I can recount & ask possibly a few too many questions about peoples love stories because that’s what keeps that fire in my heart. 

Almost a year ago I was lucky enough to be married to the man that sets my heart racing, butterflies in my stomach & fulfills everything I ever could have hoped or dreamed of in my own love story (& yes, I do offer complimentary crackers to go with how cheesy that was). In only a few days we will have been married for one whole year & what a ride it has been.

Change is good
I first met my now husband after stealing his chair at our high school orientation as two dorky little 12 year olds. Over the next 8 years of being just friends, catching the school bus together, late night msn chats (yep that long ago) we grew up & watched each other grow into teenagers then adults. (Then somewhere in the middle of all that I ran off to France, he declared his love & here we are today). I am not that 12 year old girl anymore & ten years later he isn’t that dorky year 8 either. In 10 years I won’t be the women he married & that is okay. Life & experiences change people & as long as we follow along on that path & both work at it together that is the important thing. A wise person once said "marriage isn't 50/50 its 60/40, with both sides giving 60%".

All that glitters is probably sequins (which can be just as good as gold)
Nothing can compare to the moment the one you love asks you to love them for the rest of your life. Being engaged is like being a kid that has eaten way too much birthday cake & is also hyped up on the lolly bag full of sugar. It is such a rush & no matter how much time you give to plan your wedding that time flies. Planning a wedding was one of the most fun, exciting & stressful times of my life (Kudos to all wedding planners out there). As a wedding photographer of course I love weddings, but they are also more than just a day, they’re about a love story. Being married to the one you love is 100x better than any wedding you could ever plan.

What is salt & pepper without cumin?
Marriage is about two people coming together because of their love for one another; two people becoming one unit; your own personal partner in crime. It is a wonderful thing though to have the love & support of family & friends. When you are surrounded by people who support your love & marriage it is that extra comfort in knowing that if thing go astray, you have other people to help support you too. Through the planning of our wedding & the first year of our marriage, it has been such a blessing to see the network of support we have through those closest to us.  

Marriage is the bomb
Being married to your best friend is quite simply one of the best things in the world. When you think about it, it is crazy that this person has declared their love for you to the world & they are going to spend the rest of their life proving it. It is a precious, beautiful, fun & crazy adventure & I am thankful to be blessed with the love of my best friend every day.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin

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